Our manufacture


Using sophisticated processes, Multietch SA puts its know-how at the service of the watchmaking, medical, optical and food industries. Approximately 30 employees are divided in four departments which are: engraving, photolithography cutting, electroforming and optical encoders.


We work daily on continuous improvement to ensure the best quality possible for our customers. Our quality management leads us to excellence.
Each employee is trained and has at their disposal, on their work space instruction and control protocols.

Our history

Mutlietch has been founded in 1987 by Jean-Philippe Frésard and Antonio Méndez and has been taken over in 2011 by David Mazzoni and Emile Eichenberger.
In 2020, Multietch has built a brand-new factory. With over 1500m2 of operating space, your components are now manufactured in the most modern premises.


The environment is one of our central points of our policy, thanks to our ultra-modern wastewater treatment plant we recycle more than 5000 litres of water daily, in addition, we recycle over 80% of our waste.


Our engineering department will provide you solutions for the realisation of your components. Our numerous partners in bending, surface treatment, polishing and heat treatment allow us to offer you finished products.


This is our motto, because Multietch works for watchmaking engraving which require a finishing and aesthetics perfection or for the medical sector which requires traceability and guarantees on the manufactured components.
In addition, the advantage of our manufacturing technique makes it elegant.